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  1. Parallel Compression Tee

    I LOVE Square Waves Tee


    Cotton Fashion style Engineer T Shirt with I ❤ Square Waves Design Out of all the waveforms, The Square wave is the wave with the most distortion and bite. It's because of this synth lover's waveform we designed this tee. Express your love for a nice biting square wave! SQUARE WAVE SHIRTS ARE PRE-ORDER AT THIS TIME, NOTIFICATIONS WILL BE SENT PROMPTLY...
  2. Mic Patterns Tee


    Cotton Fashion style Tee with Mic Patterns Design Cardiod, Figure 8 and Omni, This is the Microphone Patterns Tee. Every Audio Engineer who loves to record will identify with this tee. Currently Out of Stock...
  3. Fletcher Munson Tee

    Fletcher Munson Tee


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    Cotton Fashion style Engineer T Shirt with Fletcher Munson Chart design. This Fletcher Munson Curve design is beloved by all engineers. The curve describes how the human ear hears sounds based on a 1k signal. Snag this Engineer T Shirt to signify your Audio Engineer Prowess!  
  4. Soft Knee Tee

    Soft Knee Tee


    Cotton Fashion style Tee with Soft Knee Compression Design. Using any graphic interface of a compressor plugin you'll know this soft knee compression design. As compression is gradually applied to the signal this is a design EVERY audio engineer identifies with. Currently Out of Stock...
  5. Hard Knee Tee

    Hard Knee Tee


    Cotton Fashion style Tee with Hard Knee Compression Design, This design reminds all audio engineers of the graphic user interface of our favorite hard knee compression processes.  Currently Out of Stock...